Our experience team of engineers and project managers can support you in every stage of the project , from the basic needs of understanding the local customs, codes and regulation requirements up to delivering turnkey industrial projects.

Bid Preparation

We are familiar with the local contractors and working with most of the large organizations in israel, as they are our clients.


We can introduce you to the real decision makers on one hand, and contactors on the other hand, so you can prepare the best bid. 

If required we will also share our offices for the bid administration.

Get the right team

Our team has vast experience with large scale projects in Israel and abroad, working along with international companies. We bridge the caltural gap, working with teams from: Korea, France, USA, Poland, England, Swiss, Germany and many other nationalities.

Our team can be outsourced and we can also allocate people for your needs using our experience sister company, HRSR.


HRSR is the leading company in Israel for recruiting engineering and technical staff for large scale projects, working with: Alstom, Abengoa, Woodgroup, Posco and other international companies.


Working in another country could be frustrating. Experienced in many projects with multinational teams we know what is expected from us.


We will lead you through the local complicated regulations and point out the minimum requirements in order to reduce project costs and on-time delivery.

Management Support

Dealing with contractors and clients is tough especially when it is abroad. Work laws and general contractor legal issues may dramatically extend your risks.


We can support your senior team to resolve those issues and minimize company exposure and project risks.

Getting Accustomed

Working for more than 20 years with international companies in Israel and abroad, we have a good idea what are the needs of a foreign company coming to Israel.

Aside from the regular technical information and support, we will help you with the administration and put you on track as quickly as possible. We can support you with the basics such as accommodation and transportation, recruiting of administrative and technical stuff up to local legal consultants for your work visa's and workers contracts. 

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