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Founded in 2003, Ragid Projects is a team of specialists from various industrial fields. Most of the team have extensive experience managing operations, engineering and design in leading international companies. Our main goal is solving our customer's challenges in the best way with excellent service.

Our core Business is Managing, Coordinating and Implementing Pharmaceutical Industrial Projects. In the recent years we were involved in power stations projects.

We have extensive team experience in managing complex projects both in the API and Pharma as well as Food Industries.

Our team of experts, has carried out projects that combine knowledge from international and multi-national companies.

We understand the needs and the priorities.

We will customize for each project the right team and lead it to excellent delivery.

Projects are carried out in coordination with the client’s team in order to keep the information and knowledge within the organization. These projects are based on clear engineering goals and the client’s business targets.

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Perrigo- Hormone production plant and warehouse

Opened officialy March 2016 by John T. Hendrickson, Perrigo President

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