We strive to provide the best services in the market.

We will study our customer's needs and will provide the optimal solution.


Regulatory complience

Do things right

Designing hundreds of facilities in Israel and abroad we have a good knowledge of the local and international regulations, codes and requirements. We prepare files for FDA and EU approvals, as well as all the documentation required to have building permits, occupancy permits and production permits.

Feasability study

Analyize your dreams

Our team of experts have performed many feasibility studies. We have developed our methodology to bring out precise and quick analysis including economical, regulatory and technical evaluation.

Conceptual design

Set up the guidelines

We will customize the design team for your needs. Our teams bring their best experience from other projects and lessons learned. We will deliver a comprehensive package that is accurate enough to lower your project risks. 

Detailed design

Create the best design in order to save time and money

Our philosophy is that the design team should be harmonized.  Designers and engineers from the design team and the client side form one team for best results. The design will be carried out according to the project purchasing strategy and the available construction teams. "Constructability" is leading motive in the design. 

Design coordination

Put everyone on the same track

In order to meet project's goals we have to have the best design. Coordination is the key word. We coordinate the information flow, guide the designers and produce easy and clear material for the construction teams. It is especially important while working with international teams and minimizing cultural gaps comes to be a major challenge.     










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Project Managemt

Keeping everything moving

Our project managers have vast experience managing large scale projects. 

All managers speak fluent English and most of them have another foreign language. Our PM's have all worked with multi- national companies and familiar to all reporting procedures.

Schedule and budget control

Checking that it is moving as planed

Our control team are PMI certified. Some of them have teaching the PMI BOK, and have experience working with multinational companies, also on a global level.


Directing the construction

Our team of supervisors have experience in large scale projects.

They have good knowledge of the local contractors, their strength and weaknesses. 

It is a team you can rely on to deal correctly with the local contractors and see that the project is on track. 


Quality control

Verifing that the quality is as planed

Our QC people have worked in mega projects.

They have the experience of writing the correct protocols and following them.

They will follow up the outstanding issues and see they are solved timely.

Quantity Survey

Do we get what we paying for?

Our QS people have worked in mega projects.

They read and understand contracts, and they will support the project from the initiation till the close out.

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